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Roman Pizza by the slice


Teglia Romana is a crispy base and soft crumb which melts in every bite. The dough is made with high water-absorbing dough, little yeast and salt, long maturation (around 72 hours) in a cold room. It is cooked for about 15 minutes at 280-330 degrees Celsius in a specialised metal tray. The romans have identified the product as the most digestible and healthiest type of pizza.

The roman bakers designed the pizza to sit at counter top for hours to bring the fragrance of all flavours to life, with a final reheat to crunch the product to perfection.

Paddle Pizza by the slice


Meaning “paddle pizza” in Italian, originated in Roman bakeries as a way to use up left over bread dough. Baker would stretch the dough lengthwise, top it with fresh ingredients and serve it by the slice on a wooden paddle. This kind of pizza is also made with a high water-absorbing dough but baked in a different way, in that it is placed directly onto the oven’s stone.

Today this product has become very popular in Rome and you can find it in all pizzerias, with a variety of toppings or filled with a selection of traditional roman ingredients.


Come and enjoy the specially designed cocktails infused with Italian liquers & Aperitif designed by Mr roman himself.

Call your mates down and enjoy the amazing atmosphere at Mr Roman with some drinks and mouth watering Antipasto.